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System Requirements FAQ

We have crafted our courses with care! Please review the minimum system requirements before beginning your online course. Following these requirements will help you move through the course smoothly and easily.

  1. Use a desktop or laptop computer:
    1. Preferably less than three years old
    2. It can be a PC or a Mac
    3. iPads, Tablets, and Smart Phones are not recommended
  2. Preferred browser:
    1. If using a Mac:
      1. For best results, we highly Recommend: Google Chrome (download here)
      2. Other supported browsers:
        1. Safari 3+ 
        2. Firefox 2+
    2. If using a PC:
      1. For best results, we highly Recommend: Google Chrome (download here)   
      2. Other supported browsers:
        1. Internet Explorer 7+ 
        2. Firefox 2+ 
        3. Opera 9.5+
  3. A high-speed/broadband internet connection:
    1. DSL
    2. Fiber optic
    3. Cable
    4. Some satellite connections (check with your provider; often satellite internet speeds are unreliable)
  4. Update/Download & Enable Flash Player 
    1. Our courses require Adobe Flash. Toward the beginning of the course we will verify that Flash is working in your browser.
    2. Are you unsure if Flash is enabled within your current browser? This help link will walk you through steps to ensure your FlashPlayer is up to date and currently running within your browser.
  5. Javascript and Cookies must be enabled
  6. Other items to be aware of: 
    1. Clear out your browsing history, cookies, and cache regularly (recommended) 
    2. Make sure your browser is up-to-date 
    3. While not a requirement, the course is best viewed using a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768
  7. If you decide to use an iPad for portions of the course, please review the following requirements: 
    1. Broadband Internet connection: if you are offline, your progress will not be documented in your account
    2. iOS 5.0+
    3. We recommend you complete any comprehensive exams on a desktop/laptop because of the time limit associated
    4. We do not recommend using your iPhone but the above requirements pertain to that device as well

If in doubt, please contact us!

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