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Texas Pre-Licensing FAQ

    Online Course FAQ Page for the State of Texas 

    1. What is the time limit on completing this course? 

    You have an indefinite amount of time to complete this course. Therefore, it will be available to you in your online classroom until it is complete.

    2. What do I need to get on the quizzes to pass? How many times can I take the lessons and quizzes?

    You must receive a 70% on each quiz to pass and move forward with the course. You can take each lesson and quiz as many times as you would like. It will not affect your overall grade or hinder your completion of the course in any way. The score given next to each module is the score you received on the final quiz within that module.

    3. I went through a portion of the module and had to log off. After logging back in, it is not allowing me to resume from where I left off. Why do I have to start from the beginning?

    We are constantly improving our courses and individual modules. If we upload a new module before you have completed that module, you must start that module from the beginning. This way, you have the most current version of the information.

    4. What happens when I submit feedback?

    We are constantly improving our courses and appreciate hearing from students on what works well for them, and where we might do better. When you submit feedback, it goes to our customer support team who carefully reviews each comment. To help our team be as efficient as possible, we ask all students to add the title of the slide they are on when submitting their feedback. This helps us be able to identify exactly where you were within a module when you submit feedback.

    5. Do I need to go to a testing center to take the Final Exam?

    You do not need to go to a testing center to take the final exam. The exam is located and taken within your online classroom. You will be presented with further instructions on how to take the final exam toward the end of the course.

    6. How many attempts do I have to pass the Final Exam? How many questions is it? What is the passing grade?

    You have 3 attempts to pass the Final. The Final Exam is 150 Questions. You must receive a 70% (105 out of 150) to successfully pass the Final. 

    7. What is a “Monitor”?

    A monitor is a person who must sit with you during your exam to ensure you complete it without the help of outside individuals or materials. The monitor must be:

    • 18 years of age or older
    • Anyone except an immediate family member or a subordinate at your workplace
    • Willing to attest that you have completed the exam by yourself, without help

      from outside individuals or materials.

    8. What is the “Affidavit of Witness”?

    The “Affidavit of Witness” is a document completed by you and your monitor verifying that you attempted the exam without help from outside individuals or materials. This document must be signed by both the student and the monitor in the presence of a notary (who then notarizes the form), and uploaded to your online classroom once complete for AdjusterPro to review. 

    9. What is the next step to receive my Texas Adjuster License once I’ve completed the course and printed my Completion Certificate? 

    Please follow the application process steps outlined  here.

    10. My certificate is not showing up in my achievements tab. Why not?

    Be sure to complete all of your course modules so that your course shows as 100% complete. Once your course is 100% complete, it will move to your course library, and your certificate of completion will be available within the achievements tab.

    11. Can I use a tablet? 

    Our course can be accessed via username and password from any PC or Mac with a high-speed internet connection. The course is generally mobile-compatible, however, we cannot guarantee compatibility with every mobile platform type and cannot offer tech support for mobile devices at this time.

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