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What is Xactimate?

Great question! Xactimate is the leading software used by claims adjusters in adjusting claims, created by Xactware. It is the straw that stirs the drink when it comes to estimating property claims.

You can  click here for details on how, "Xactimate helps you to:

  • save time and money in creating estimates
  • create more accurate, detailed, and professional-looking estimates
  • access the most up-to-date and reliable pricing information
  • sketch complicated roofs effortlessly from readily-available aerial images
  • automate and streamline your estimating processes
  • organize and manage your projects
  • overcome language barriers in preparing estimates"

Information on  Xactimate features are available here

FAQ's on Xactimate on different platforms are broken down as follows:

Contact Xactware for more information and to purchase Xactimate, and read here why AdjusterPro CEO Dan Kerr says learning this software is the key to success for independent adjusters.

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