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Types of Adjusters

A common question that we receive is, "What are the different types of adjusters?" or, "What is the difference between an independent adjuster, a staff adjuster, and a public adjuster?" The simple answer is that each of these adjusters works for a different employer and is paid differently.


  • Independent Adjusters typically work for various adjusting firms on a sub-contractor basis.
  • Staff Adjusters work as salaried employees of an insurance company.
  • Public Adjusters work on behalf of the insured person, representing the insured's interests in the claims process.

Here is a great article on the difference between  Independent Adjusters and Public Adjusters

Here is one that explores the difference between  Staff Adjusters and Independent Adjusters and how each of them are employed, and here is another good one that expands on this difference by exploring the different types of claims that staff and independent adjusters handle.

Here is a video from co-founder Adam Gardiner explaining further:

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