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Continuing Education FAQ

1. What is the time limit on completing this course?

You have an indefinite amount of time to complete this course. Therefore, it will be available to you in your online classroom until it is complete.

2. What do I need to get on the quizzes to pass? How many times can I take the lessons and quizzes?

You must receive a 70% on each quiz to pass and move forward with the course. You can take each lesson and quiz as many times as you would like. It will not affect your overall grade or hinder your completion of this course in any way. The score given to the right of each module is the score you received on the final quiz within that module.

3. I went through a portion of the module and had to log off. After logging back in, it is not allowing me to resume from where I left off. Why do I have to start from the beginning?

We are constantly improving our courses and individual modules. If we upload a new module before you have completed it, you must start that module from the beginning. This way, you will have the most current version of the information.

4. What happens when I submit feedback?

We are constantly improving our courses and like hearing from students on what works well for them, and where we could do better. When you submit feedback, it gets sent to our customer support team who carefully reviews each comment. To help our team be as efficient as possible, we like to ask all students to add the title of the slide they are on when submitting their feedback. This helps us identify exactly where you are in the course when you are communicating with us.

5. How many times can I take the final exam?

You may take the final exam as many time as needed to successfully pass with a 70%.

6. Once I have completed the course what is the next step for submitting my CE credits to the state?

Nothing! AdjusterPro will submit your CE to the state for you.  Make sure you have entered your license number under your account profile in our online classroom. To do this, click on ‘profile & settings’ at the top right-hand corner of your screen. Then press ‘edit profile’ and scroll down until you see ‘License Number.' Enter your license number there. If you have any questions about this step, contact us at or by phone at 214.329.9030. 

Please allow 3 business days for credits to post on your transcript. Credits will post using the effective date on your certificate of completion.

7.  Which time zone determines student completion? 

As a 100% virtual company, AdjusterPro has employees in many timezones but we work on Central time. Course times for live classes and all course completions are given in Central time. Please see our Contact Us page for  normal business hours.

8. Can I take the same courses in back-to-back compliance cycles?

The answer to this question depends on which state you are taking continuing Education in, as the rule varies by state:

  • AlabamaQ: Can I take the same CE course two years in a row and receive credit? A: No. You cannot receive credit for any course more than once in any reporting period. See complete FAQ document here.
  • FloridaQ: Can I take the same continuing education course next year? A: No. You can not repeat the same course within three (3) years and receive continuing education credit. See complete FAQ document here.
  • IndianaQ: Can I take the same CE course two years in a row and receive credit? A:  No. You cannot receive credit for any course more than once in any CE reporting period. See complete FAQ document here.
  • Oklahoma: 'REPEAT COURSES - Licensees cannot repeat a course within a 24 month period. A Licensee will need to review their CE Transcript online to ensure that a course is not repeated (refer to the course number for verification.)' See complete FAQ document here.
  • TexasYou will only receive credit once if the same course is taken multiple times during a two-year license term. See complete FAQ document here.

9. I bought a package of Continuing Education from AdjusterPro. Why do some of my courses show a percentage complete if I haven't started them? I have only completed one (or two, or three, etc.) course(s).

AdjusterPro's online classroom has a feature that links modules. If you complete a module in one course, and that same module exists in another course, once you finish the module in the first course it will automatically show that a percentage is complete in the other course that shares that same module. 

A good example of this is the Adjuster Practices and Responsibilities module, which is in a few different CE courses. If a student completes this module in Statutes and Law, they won't have to complete it elsewhere in another course, such as Ethics. It will automatically show that modules as complete and allow you to proceed with the other course modules.

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